Why SquareOne Works

SquareOne is a community that provides tech entrepreneurs the perfect place to communicate, develop and grow ideas alongside like-minded individuals. Whatever your idea may be, SquareOne provides an open, transparent atmosphere for tech entrepreneurs who share the same interests, motivations and passions.


SquareOne is a place that will help keep your passion as an entrepreneur fueled. If you need a cup of coffee for that extra giddy up, we have it covered. We look forward to sharing high five’s within our extended community to celebrate those daily wins.

We will support your growing needs through a network of professional services, people and ideas to keep you moving forward and ready to tackle the next opportunity.


Through its core values of community, openness, and collaboration, SquareOne is building an eco system for tech-based businesses within the beautiful and desirable location of central Vancouver Island. This allows continuous support to the local economy through the stimulation of jobs, ideas and networks throughout all of Vancouver Island and beyond.

Education & Growth

Through Innovation Island, you will have access to stellar programs and events that will help you and your business reach its full potential. Whenever a business feels that they need to “sharpen the saw” there will be workshops, programs and seminars aimed at helping the community of SquareOne. With the input of the SquareOne residents, programs will always be evolving and changing to meet what’s most important to their business.

  • “Joining SquareOne is an important step for us to bring our team together and get plugged into the community here in Nanaimo. We’re especially looking forward to the events, meeting potential partners and employees, and the espresso maker, of course.”

    Shawn Adrian Cofounder, Input Logic
  • “Having a fully realized space devoted to helping local tech companies get started and move forward was something we had heard about in larger urban settings but to have the opportunity locally and be a part of a creative dynamic environment was exciting.”

    Mike Reid Cofounder, Red Scotch Software